After having two c-sections and pregnant with baby number 3 I wanted to have a natural birth without medical interventions more than anything. A friend had recently given birth (an amazing VBAC) and she highly recomended Laura as a doula. I made the call and I knew immediately that Laura was exactly the person to help me achieve my VBA2C. It was late in my pregnancy but Laura met with my husband and I and gave us invaluable guidance. In very little time I felt very prepared for a natural birth. I met with several of Laura’s referrals (amazing professionals!!), I read one book that she suggested and practiced the techniques she gave me. During active labor I stayed in touch with Laura and followed all of her advice. I was calm, focused and very relaxed during my labor. Laura was there when I needed her. She is nurturing, positive and intuitive. I never asked for a cold towel or ice chip because she was there and knew what I needed in the moment. I had an amazing birth and I’m in love with my birthing experience. I thank you Laura for surrounding me with your positive energy
Christina Beaudry
Selecting Laura as my doula was the best descion! I called her at 37 weeks pregnant with twins and begged her to take me on even though she had a very busy month. I was hoping for a twin VBAC and needed someone experienced, knowledgeable and supportive to help with a vaginal twin birth. She was the BEST for the task! She fit me into her schedule, made time to get to know my husband and I quickly and was there every step of the way. During labor, she helped through the pain of contractions and was very encoraging. Thanks to Laura, I had a successful twin VBAC with no complications. The birth was quick and both kids were born a few minutes apart. My husband, who was not sure that we even needed a doula, was so thankful and thrilled to have her with us on our birthing journey. When you are with Laura, you are in good, experienced and caring hands. Not only is she the best at what she does, she also has a wealth of recommendations and referrals. The lactation consultant she recommended has helped immensly with latching both children on and feeding in tandem. Laura – thank you for all that you do!! You are amazing!
Irina Guberuk
Laura is awesome and I know I would not have had a succesful VBA2C without her by my side! I never considered a doula becuase I thought I would be able to achieve my natural birth with just the help of my midwives and husband. After taking a childbirth class I really felt that a doula might be very helpful in achieving my goal of a VBA2C. I contacted Laura at 36 weeks pregnant and even though we were so late in the pregnancy she made the time to ge in visits to us. She was the comforting female presence everybody wants by their side in pain or suffering. She encourageed me with a calm voice with the response “but you are doing it” everytime I said “I cannot do this”. She reminded me to breathe everytime I tensed up and screamed through a contraction. She even took care of my husband by telling him it was ok to take breaks and get a drink or a short walk. She never left my side for the enitre 9 (overnight) hours at the hospital. I know, without a doubt I would have given up with out her there. I cannot recommend her enough as a doula!! My husband and I were so grateful she was there! We are so glad we met her and have her in our memories from our sons birth
Michele Hipp
Hiring Laura as our doula was quite possibly one of the best decisions I made during my entire pregnancy. My goal was to have as few interventions during our birth as possible, and through her strength and encouragement I was able to labor longer and harder than I could have with just the support of my husband. He did everything he could to be prepared, but there is nothing he could do to compare to having an expert who has seen every situation, and been through many herself as a mother, by your side. The birth of our son ended up being a complicated one that included a posterior LARGE baby. She was able to get me to 10 cm and through 5 hours of pushing! Laura is not only a great support to have on hand, but she was also an amazing teacher in her childbirth class leading up to the big event. I am so grateful for having found her, and that I was able to have her as such a vital member of our team. I will definitley hire her again if we have another child.
Amy Troendly Buck
Being a doula and childbirth educator is truly Laura’s calling in life. Her childbirth classes were informative and also a lot fun. After taking her classes, I felt ready for natural childbirth and my husband felt prepared to be my coach. As a doula, Laura was super supportive before, during and after labor. She and my husband were communicating during early labor so I didn’t have to worry about a thing other than laboring. Laura was such a breath of fresh air at the hospital as my husband and I were starting to get tired from laboring all day. She helped me get into more comfortable positions to ease the intensity and to help move things along. She and my husband were massaging my back and legs the entire time! When things were getting tough she kept me calm and reminded me to think about my baby and that soon I would be holding her in my arms. That helped so much. When I was finished she wiped my forehead, gave me a drink and applied lip gloss to my dried lips. So compassionate and nurturing. I would recommend her in a heartbeat.
Talita Costello
My husband and I attended Laura’s childbirth classes two years ago when we were expecting our first daughter. Her classes were extremely informative and fun. We looked forward to going each week! It was during her class that we learned of a birth doula. She attended my daughter’s birth and was amazing. I got to the hospital only minutes before being fully dilated and her presence was extremely calming during a quick and very intense labor. She gave me the reassurance and confidence that I could birth unmedicated. When I became pregnant again earlier this year, there was no question…I wanted Laura at this birth as well. There was no way I would birth without her! I had a wonderful birth experience with her when my second daughter was born a few weeks ago. She was with me every minute and through her encouraging and kind words gave me the confidence that I could have a second unmedicated birth. My husband and I love her and feel that she is a member of our family.
Karen Kerbrat