This workshop was for me a life changing experience. I went there with a lot of excitement and expectations but also a with doubts and a bit of fear and Laura took all of it and molded it into a new beautiful life purpose for me. You heard the call for this vocation and she absolutely seal the deal. I will recommend her workshop 100% without any doubt. More than a mentor she is a person to look up too, full of amazing stories and endless knowledge and a really nice loving friend.
Vero Pertuso
Houston, TX
This workshop was the most educational setting I have ever been a part of. As a student at the University of Texas at Austin, that is saying a lot. I may be biased because I find this information super interesting and a passion of mine however, Laura was very engaging and never lost my interest for a second. She always listened to what we had to say and answered every question asked to the best of her ability. The workshop was very informative and worthwhile. She is an excellent teacher and taught me the skills I will need to provide excellent doula services to every family I support and encounter. She made a room full of strangers feel so comfortable with each other that by the end of the workshop we did not want to say goodbye. I personally wish the workshop was a week-long because I still feel like I could have learned so much from her because she has been at almost 900 births! The knowledge never ends. I am very grateful for Laura and the relationship she continues to keep with her “students.”
Alexa Zapata
Austin, TX
As with many things in life there is an art and science to it. Laura did an amazing job at covering both aspects and making an intense weekend enjoyable, eye opening and life changing. I couldn’t imagine having gone on the journey with any other guide.
Frederika McClary
Austin, TX
Laura was a great birth doula trainer. She was very knowledgeable on childbirth and breastfeeding, comfort techniques, and the business aspect of being a doula. She was attentive to health disparities affecting women of color, which I greatly appreciated. Additionally, she was very engaging and inspiring. I would highly recommend taking her training classes!
Boston, MA
I enjoyed the workshop very much. It was a valuable experience and I look forward to putting the knowledge and skills to practice serving expecting families. Laura’s genuine passion for what she does is contagious. She cares for those attending her workshop and seeks to provide quality instruction that cultivates the success of future doulas.
Lubbock, TX
I attended a birth doula workshop with Laura a few weeks ago. Laura was great at making sure we covered everything, while keeping it fun and interactive. Her love for birth and teaching shines through! I couldn’t have asked for a better teacher to start my doula journey with!
Shanan Garber
Lancaster, PA